23.1 Architectural Design and Model Making Studio

What an amazing start to a conference: put delegates in the shoes of Architecture students and experience a typical workshop. As a newbie to the subject of Architecture as well as to the Arclib community, this was an instant immersion I was never going to forget. It was also a brilliant way to get delegates talking with each other right from the very start.

Working in teams, we had to design and build a unique space within a contemporary library. Each team was allocated one of the following briefs:

  • A space to facilitate thought and contemplation for design students
  • A space to facilitate temporary displays for objects and / or books
  • A space to facilitate group study for history and philosophy students

studio 2Sheets of cardboard, paper, glue and cutting tools were provided and we were challenged to create a model of an appropriate scale. Although cost was not an explicit consideration, we needed to have an idea of “materiality”.

Once time was called on our model-making exploits each team presented (and defended) their design to a panel comprising staff from the school of Architecture at Bath.

The resulting models showed a great deal of imagination and although there was duplication of brief, it was fascinating how the teams differed in their approach and resulting outputs. Sadly, from my team’s perspective there could be only one design crowned as “winner” and it wasn’t ours! Nevertheless this whole activity was an inspired way to open a conference and other CPD events would benefit from this model (pardon the pun). Hats off to David and his team.

Review by Ginny Franklin, Loughborough University.

studio 1

Photographs by Tom Rogers, University of Bath.



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