22.9 Radical and Independent Architectural Publishing

Michael Hayes, Editor 2ha magazineImage – Michael HayesAfter the rigours of various talks featuring BIM, UDL and Primary versus secondary sources, it was refreshing for us to enter into the dreamy world of Michael Hayes who convinced us of the benefits of rethinking the suburbs. As an architect and an editor of several journals, he inhabits a plane far more cerebral than the day to day. I particularly liked his opening comment which was “I have no idea of the relevance of any of this”   and he then proceeded to enrapture us with his gentle wit.  He introduced his magazine, 2ha, the journal he founded and edits, in which each issue focuses on a subject (eg. photography, public space, history, language, typology, cinema, modernism, leisure, capital, failure, power) and its relation to suburbia.

With the session title: Radical and independent architectural publishing, it must be discovered how this journal came to be.  My research led me to a nice little summary in Archizines:  http://www.archizines.com/2ha from which I will quote: (by the way, Michael likes quotes) –

“Launched in 2013 as the result of a competition launched by the Irish Architecture Foundation to encourage new critical publishing practices, 2ha is a small, independent magazine interested in the suburbs. The title makes reference to contemporary standards of land measurement and definition, as in two hectares. The pronunciation is also the same as the Irish word “tuatha” for which refers simultaneously to both the people and the land they inhabit. The inability to separate the two is key to our own understanding of the city. ‘We believe that in the modern Irish suburb, the land, and the way it is used, is still inextricably linked to the people that use it.’ The second issue explores the relationship between photography and suburbia, and the extent to which photography has shaped both the perception and making of suburban space. Three essays respond to the intimate link between the medium of photography and the spaces we occupy.” (Archizines / Elias Redstone, c2015).

Review by Merilee MacKinnon,
British Columbia Institute of Technology Library

Image – Michael Hayes



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