Issue 22 Editorial

It’s been a while coming but here is the latest issue of the ARCLIB newsletter, covering both the London visit in Spring 2016 as well the Summer Conference co-hosted by David Buri and Sally Bell of the Glasgow School of Art and University of Strathclyde respectively. The conference ran from 6-8 July 2016 and the theme was: Information, Inspiration, Regeneration.

Last issue I saved up the various articles and unleashed them more or less simultaneously. This time I’m going to experiment a bit more and let them trickle out as and when they are ready. This does mean that the conference reviews won’t necessarily appear in chronological order but this can be corrected once they are all live.

Glasgow building artworks

Just a reminder to say that you can either create and publish articles in WordPress directly (which I can review and incorporate into the issue) or send me text and images at If you haven’t been invited to be an author/editor on WordPress or would like a reminder email do let me know.

In terms of an image bank for ARCLIB, there is an ARCLIB Flickr account that you can view and contribute images to. It is chock full of photos from the London visit and I’ve added a handful of my own photos from Glasgow which I hope to continue to add to as and when I have time.

I’ll end this brief introduction with some pictures I took the day before the conference began as I took time to explore various museums and parks around the city:

Glasgow photo collage



One response to “Issue 22 Editorial

  1. I see you went to the Riverside Museum in the wonderful Zaha Hadid – designed building? You took a photo of Ewan McGregor’s adventure bike; I took a photo of the information board, containing a picture of Ewan instead!


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