From the Chair

Seasonal greetings! I hope you are all well and have survived the Autumn term intact.

ARCLIB 2016 Conference

Along with Michael and Sarah (ARCLIB Secretary and Treasurer respectively)  I recently visited our 2016 conference hosts in Glasgow. David Buri of Glasgow School of Art and Sally Bell from Strathclyde University took us to the conference venues, including the new Steven Holl building at GSA; we visited the fabulous Glasgow city centre locations for our conference drinks reception and Wednesday night dinner, plus the re-purposed building whose history has a link with both the conference theme and Glasgow School of Art and where we will have our conference dinner on 7 July.


Aren’t windows amazing?


Tables are a serious business

Sally and David are drawing up an exciting conference programme


Librarians striding purposefully from GSA to Strathclyde Uni

on themes of re-use, recycle, regenerate – you will have seen a call for papers this week. All in all we think you’re going to be delighted – I encourage you to pencil in the conference dates now: 6-8 July 2016.




Spring visits

There will be news in the new year about two Spring visits currently being organised – south and north.

That’s it from me. I wish you all a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas break see you in the new year.





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