Issue 21 Editorial

Hello and welcome to Issue 21 of the ARCLIB Newsletter in its new e-only, blog format, brought to you in glorious technicolour via the power of WordPress. First and foremost I’d like to thank our outgoing editor, Carla Marchesan, who (amongst other ARCLIB committee members) has shown me the ropes and passed them along sans knots.

As you may have spotted, a slightly altered version of Issue 20 has been available in this alternative format for some time, mostly as a proof of concept and to allow me to play around with the settings, test out themes and logos, etc. My thanks go to Richenda Gwilt and the ARCLIB committee for comments and suggestions during this process.

beach hutsYou will also (hopefully) all have spotted an email invitation in your inbox encouraging you to sign up to WordPress and become an author, editor, or in a few cases administrator of this blog/newsletter hybrid. Of course, you can simply view the newsletter online without doing so, but it is hoped in future that you may contribute articles directly by writing them using WordPress. That might be a slower, quieter revolution though. For now, I am pleased to begin my first year as ARCLIB Newsletter editor and do please email me any articles you write so I can publish them online in the next issue.

Having joined ARCLIB around two and a bit years ago, it has been my pleasure to meet you all and participate in the annual conference. This newsletter issue primarily reports on the latest event, hosted by Arts University Bournemouth on the 8-10th July 2015. Andrew Calvert expertly organised what was a very successful event, with a varied and interactive programme of events. Themed ‘Making Libraries, Making Information, Making Architecture’, you can read about the various sessions and how they were received by attendees in this very newsletter! ARCLIB’s thanks go out to all the speakers and sponsors who helped to make the event so memorable.

Our 2016 Conference will be hosted jointly by Glasgow School of Art & Strathclyde University. Find out more on the ARCLIB website.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the newsletter, or would like to send me copy for the next issue, do please get in touch –

Happy reading!

David Stacey
Faculty Librarian for Engineering & Design
University of Bath

PS I’m very grateful to all of the ARCLIB members who have kindly shared their photographs from the conference online and with me in person. I’ve followed the grand newsletter tradition of appropriating these to add flavour to the articles and I have done my best to credit these to the originator wherever possible. Where I could not identify an individual, as in the above image, I would like to thank the ARCLIB group in general. I’m more than happy to edit pages to add information or corrections wherever you may spot them.

Beach huts photo credit: Sally Bell 2015.



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