21.8 Promoting the Library: Working with Architects

David Stacey from the University of Bath presented on his ideas and experience of promoting the library to Architecture and Civil Engineering students, to try and bring more of them in. He visited other libraries for ideas, worked with the Faculty Research committee and liaised with the faculty in introducing services and trials, such as a comparative review of AJBL, Detail Inspiration and Phaidon, interestingly finding that staff preferred details and students preferred colour. He developed his teaching to focus on specific resources, to provide more follow up, and talked about the vertical studio, where years 1, 2 and 3 work together on competition entries. Collection development initiatives included strengthening e-content, buying more journals, creating opportunities for sharing student work, and making Croquis loanable. He discussed the importance of negotiation and then networking, through ARCLIB and his visits to London Libraries. David promotes new journals and books using posters, which he finds really popular. He makes use of the faculty social media to communicate and plant ideas, rather than the library’s own, and other promotional techniques include the highlighting of underused resources and the effective use of blogging tools.

Review and photograph by Sharon Laverick




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