21.6 Report from the CNBA Green Libraries Conference

Carla Marchesan of the Prince’s Foundation provided some interesting highlights from the 14th bi-annual CNBA Green Libraries Conference held at the ‘Roma Tre’ university, Rome, featuring presentations from architects and librarians on the theme of sustainable libraries. Lucilla Less, chair of AIB Lazio (a CILIP equivalent) introduced the Lyon Declaration on access to information and development in the context of sustainable libraries, and Chiara Tonelli talked about the Rhome project, where she reflected that it was good to have architectural competitions, but a shame the projects usually don’t get built. Alessandro Marata discussed how architecture is available to everyone, and that by experiencing buildings we are also influenced by them – so they can teach us about sustainability. Carla then summarised other sessions on a project in Emilia Romagna linking information on heritage sites and monuments to their images and location on maps, and on a very successful project for Muyinga Library in Burundi.

Review and photograph by Sharon Laverick




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