21.4 Member talks review – ARCLIB 2015

arclib members beach
Thursday afternoon saw a series of presentations from Arclib members, updating the conference on various projects they had been involved with at their institutions. Ranging from setting up online reading lists (Michael Veitch, London South Bank University), collaboratively re-designing a library space (Leo Clarey, University of the Arts London) to re-cataloguing a library (Lara Lopez Boronat, Foster + Partners). Though these projects were very different, they involved similar stages to ensure success, with project planning skills paramount: business case approval, audit reports and product/project research, site visits, system specification, space planning, material sourcing, data migration and clean-up. Teething problems encountered during implementation were effectively dealt with by engaging and communicating with academic staff at every opportunity, training sessions and online guides being established; clever use of locally sourced materials to form unique seating options which have stood the test of time; and cleaning up and filling in gaps in the data migration process. The librarians should be proud of their achievements in successfully delivering these interesting projects. This is a great feature of the Arclib conference programme, long may it continue.

Steph Longmuir, RIBA Enterprises

Photo credit: Sally Bell.



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