Issue 20 Editorial

QEIIparkWhen Richenda stepped down as newsletter editor in 2014, the committee decided to trial having guest editors for each newsletter while assessing if a different format, for instance a blog, might not be a better option for the future. At the time I volunteered to be the guest editor for the 2015 edition, so, here we are. Thank you to all who contributed writings and pictures for this edition. The lion share of the newsletter goes to the reviews of the 2014 annual conference, which took place in Cambridge and was organized and hosted by Susanne Jennings & Tanya Zhimbiev, Faculty Librarians for Architecture and History of Art at the University of Cambridge, and we had very enthusiastic and positive feedback from it. It was a great conference in majestic settings, thank you also to Dr James Campbell, Fellow in Architecture & History of Art at Queens’ College Cambridge, whose book The Library: A World History, inspired the theme for the conference and also made it possible for much of the conference activities to take place in the beautiful surroundings of Queen’s College. Thank you so much to Susanne & Tanya and their library assistants, Abigail Rose Sarony and Veronica Phillips, to all speakers and sponsors, and to all who attended for another memorable ARCLIB conference!

Due to our rekindled relations with colleagues abroad, I was invited to attend the ARCHIRES symposium last July in Paris to talk about ARCLIB, so I have reported back here, and French colleague Philippe Laux has contributed a piece about his Erasmus visit to Cardiff. We hear from Italian colleague Raffaella Inglese who gives us a Chair’s view of the redevelopment of the CNBA website. We had an intimate visit to Manchester in December 2013 which escaped review, but will get a mention now.

Happy reading! Carla

  •  Above image: QEII Olympic Park, on Her Majesty’s Birthday 2015, taken by Carla Marchesan



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